Mary Ruth Arnold Collection
By Robert Griffith, Updated July 2013

In 2008, Mary Ruth Arnold allowed me to scan many of her family's treasured photographs and documents. Mrs. Arnold, born Mary Ruth Haynes, is the daughter of Rufus and Jewel Haynes. Her maternal great-grandfather, Richard Burns, ran a blacksmith shop which is today Ron's Apothecary at 117 West Renfro Street. Her grandfather, Elisha Burt Burns, once owned the Burleson Waterworks. Mrs. Arnold's family even has roots in the founding of Johnson County; great-great-great-uncle, Thomas Jefferson Mills was among a hundred citizens to sign a petition forming Johnson County in 1854.

Mary Ruth is a 1943 graduate of Burleson High School. She wed Horace Carlton Gordon, Jr. in 1946, and to them were born four children, Elaine, Horace Carlton, III, Gary, and Richard. After Mr. Gordon's death in 1992, Mary Ruth married J.W. Arnold, a decorated World War II veteran. J.W. Arnold's dedication to honoring his fellow veterans continued until his passing in September 2011. The Arnolds are among the kindest, most decent people I have had the privilege of knowing.

Burleson Class Photos

Burleson School prior to the September 25, 1909 fire which claimed the pioneer schoolhouse

Date Unknown, ca. 1915
Front Row: Otis Hailey, Bernard Brown, Byron Carter, Robert Lace, Winston Taylor, Roy Mercer, Alonzo Lawson, John Gordon, Clyde Hailey, Ora Forsithe, Ray Stone, -, -, Boyd Roddy, Truett Hardgrove, Dick Price, Homer Jenkins
Middle Row: Julie Wallace, -, -, -, Lometa McMans, -, -, Letha Summerlin, Ted Lace
Back Row: Marylee Wilshire, Majorie Senter, -, Sarah Wallace, Clara Pose, -, Josephine Johnston, Leona Wicker, Lucille Bockmon, Ruby Collins, Maurine Hay, Mable Warren (teacher), Jewel Crowder, Jewel Burns, Fern Murphy, -, Berle Haskew, Alene Bockmon, Minnie Myatt

8th, 9th & 10th Grades, 1920

Senior Class of 1921

2nd & 3rd Grades, 1923-1924

"Study Hall," date unknown, ca. 1920

Date unknown, ca. 1920s

Date unknown, ca. 1920s

Date unknown, ca. 1920s

9th & 10th Grades, March 13, 1923

Senior Class of 1923, March 13, 1923

Girls' Senior Basketball Team, March 13, 1923

Boys' Senior Basketball Team, March 13, 1923

Burleson School Auditorium, 1928
Seated: Margaret Matchell, Eston Thornton, Lonita Booth, Ernest Roger, Jeffie Wicker, Superintendent J.W. Norwood, Oscar Haggue, Georgia Mae Dobson, Stanley Wynne, and Rufus Haynes
Standing: Newta Mae Pierce, Bill Hurst, Irene Shannon Hurst, Mrs. J.W. Norwood, Ruby Collin Hague, Mrs. Stanley Wynne, and Jewel (Burns) Haynes.
Sitting cross-legged on the floor is Mary Ruth (Haynes) Arnold!

Burleson School, ca. late 1930s

Burleson Gymnasium, ca. late 1930s

6th Grade, February 23, 1938

Freshmen, 1939-1940
Top Row: Unknown, Jimmy Scott, Marie Clark, Byron Hardgrove, Lenny Clark
Middle Row: Janie Wynne (Stephens), Dan Rosemond, Bonnie Carter, Lottie Bell Hines, Genella Gilley, Lola Witt, Walterine Moseley, Robert Clark, B.C. Stubbs (teacher), and Wilmariene Moseley (Clark).
Front Row: Jaunice Truelove, Gertrude Frazer, Dorothy Burns, Frances Wilshire, Evelyn Bransom, Betty Rolison, Mary Ruth Haynes (Arnold), Hazel Overby, Walterine Decker

Burleson High School Sophomores, 1940-1941
Top Row: Walterine Moseley, Bonnie Carter, Wilmariene Moseley, Walterine Decker, Hazel Overby, Janice Johnson, Byron Hardgrove, Lenny Clark, Jimmy Scott, J.D. Truelove, Genella Gilley, Lola Witt, Mary Ruth Haynes (Arnold), Frances Wilshire, Dan Rosemond, Ben Whitehouse (teacher).
Bottom Row: Laverne Smith, Lottie Bell Hines, Gertrude Frazer, Evelyn Bransom, Janie Wynne (Stephens), Dorothy Burns, Betty Rolison, Jaunice Truelove, Willie Bess Burns