Henry Carty Renfro
By Robert Griffith, January 2009

Henry Carty Renfro
From Burleson - The First One Hundred Years

Henry Carty Renfro is the father of Burleson, Texas. He owned the land which agents of the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railroad procured in 1881. Renfro named the town for his mentor and friend, Reverend Rufus C. Burleson of Waco. Renfro never lived in Burleson, Texas. He died on March 2, 1885 after catching pnuemonia on a short cattle drive to Fort Worth with his son, James Burleson "Burlie" Renfro, son-in-law James Baker, and men from his ranch north of Alvarado, never to know whether the town he named would grow to any importance.

Quick Facts about Henry Renfro:


Fort Worth Gazette Obituary, March 3, 1885

Elder Renfro, as he was called, at one time was a prominent Baptist preacher in Johnson, Hill and Tarrant counties. His father was one of the pioneers of Johnson County and he entered the ministry when quite a young man. He conducted services in Fort Worth when the place was a mere hamlet and probably was known by almost every man in Tarrant County. He was about fifty years of age at his death and for the last few years of his life his religious view had undergone a change and he could probably have been classed among the "Free-thinkers." Those who know him in this city say he was a man of wonderful vitality and energy, and that he was universally liked and admired. He leaves considerable property and was always in easy circumstances. His remains will be taken to Johnson county on the south-bound train this morning, followed by his mourning wife and children.


Renfro Family Plot in Bethesda Cemetery
January 10, 2009

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